Htc Service Center

TOTOODO HTC Service center provide one stop solution for all your HTC mobile, smartphone and tablet repairs. There’s no appointment needed, and we’ll even provide a free coffee while you hold up. If your handset has separated, we can help: we can repair crushed screen, damaged charging port, and damaged home buttons, microphones, speakers, and most other things in between.


Over 82% of our repairs are completed on site in less than 40 minutes. All walk in repairs carried out by us on site use only the highest quality parts and are backed by our guarantee. In order for you to not lose your private information, our specialists will offer you a back-up of your data (phone book, calendar, photos and any other documents) which will be returned back in after repairs.


In request to convey a quality service, the tools used by our technicians are state-of-the-art equipment and we only source part from reputable suppliers.


TOTOODO HTC Service center offers the opportunity to benefit from a high quality guaranteed repair. Our technicians are at your disposal to advise and assist you in the use of your device.